Spoken Chinese (Beginner)

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  • 8 week duration
10 students

Welcome to Beginner Chinese Language course, an intensive introduction to the basic fundamentals of Mandarin Chinese. This course is designed for students who have limited or no background in the Chinese language, and will cover basic language skills in speaking, reading, writing, and listening.
Course Duration: 8 Weeks (2 months), five (5) days a week, 1.5 hrs. class)

After completing course, students are expected to understand:

  1. The pinyin Romanization system
  2. Simple Chinese grammar and sentence structures
  3. Basic verbal communication in a variety of settings
  4. The principal rules behind writing Chinese characters
  5. A fundamental understanding of Chinese customs and traditions

In addition, you should be able to:

  1. Successfully formulate sentences in Mandarin Chinese
  2. Hold basic conversations with Chinese speakers
  3. Comprehend spoken passages in accordance with beginner Chinese vocabulary
  4. Read and understand written passages in accordance with beginner Chinese vocabulary
  5. Write simple Chinese characters
  6. Demonstrate a tangible appreciation for Chinese culture

Following textbook will be followed during this course:

  1. HSK Standard Course 1 (by Jiang Liping; BLCU).
  2. 新实用汉语课本1 New Practical Chinese Reader Textbook 1

Homework will be assigned for every class and will be due the following day (unless otherwise noted). Homework assignments will simply be checked for completeness and understanding.



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